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Bamboo Products, Dispensers and Containers by Mainstream Source


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Mainstream Source is proud to offer our highest-quality, environmentally-friendly bamboo foil storage dispensers in sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as our large industrial foil storage dispenser, which holds 1000-foot, 12-inch rolls for commercial and restaurant use.Our 2, 3 and 4 pc sets of regular-size foil storage containers also include a wooden juice squeezer as an added bonus.

We also offer an outstanding set of 4 bamboo ziplock storage containers, holding gallon and quart bags, sandwich and snack bags.  Included with our ziplock bag container set is a darling, well-made bamboo hot-plate trivet, which helps to keep your countertops from staining from burn marks from a hot plate or pan.

  • Our bamboo products are water-resistant
  • Durable, long-lasting fiber construction
  • Unique look, hip, island or tropical feel
  • Sustainable, organic product
  • Durable, less prone to warping over time than regular wood


Mainstream Source Bamboo and Wrap Dispenser with Extended Cutter and Labels

Our highest-quality bamboo wrap dispensers are available in sets of 1, 2, 3 or 4… all but the single item sets also include a wooden juicer. Great for kitchen organization and easy dispensing of foil, plastic or parchment wrap! These popular containers also hold most 12-inch rolls of plastic wrap and parchment.  We also include labels to mark and differentiate your containers for foil, plastic wrap or parchment.



Mainstream Source Large Bamboo and Wrap Dispenser for Thick 12-inch, 1000 Ft. Commercial Rolls
with Extended Cutter and Labels

Our large industrial dispensers, made for 1000-foot, 12-inch rolls of aluminum foil and wrap are also popular with individuals looking for a dispenser for their Cricut paper, and even some brands of plastic trash bags work with this container.  Our original large dispensers work best when you save the end caps from your original cardboard container and use them within the bamboo containers.



Mainstream Source Bamboo Zip Bag / Baggie Organizer Set with Bamboo Trivet

Our bag storage containers are made with a single piece of bamboo for the top plate of each container.  Many other dispensers’ use 4 cut bamboo pieces, and over time one or two have a tendency to break off, which renders the dispenser useless.  Our bag storage containers are sturdier and made from highest quality bamboo.


The History of bamboo in products

Archaeologists have found evidence that bamboo was used in the Ziejhang province of China more than 7,000 years ago.  From the Shang Dynasty in the 500 years between the 11th and 16th centuries BC, bows & arrows, tree houses and some household items made of bamboo have been unearthed from that period.  Because of the strength of bamboo, specimens of fashioned tools and other items seemed to deteriorate slower than many other organic substances. Bamboo paper and papyrus was used to create some of earliest known books. For centuries, people have cherished the durability and lightweight composition of bamboo. 

Bamboo leaves have been used to feed livestock, and pandas seem to love them! Although bamboo appears native to China/Asia, it also grows in Japan, Australia, India and the United States, Africa and South America. Bamboo likes warmer climates, and because it grows so quickly, it can be a challenge to remove it when it takes over.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is actually considered a variety of grass, which is one reason why it grows quickly.  There are over fifteen hundred species of bamboo across the globe. Most species of bamboo grow much taller than most of their cousins in the grass family, with broader stems, which can resemble tree trunks.  Although some varieties grow only 4 to 6 inches, others grow to over 125 feet tall!  Interestingly enough, one stalk of bamboo grows to its fullest height during one season, and after that it grows no more, only sprouts new stalks from its base. 

Through an underground system of rhizomes, bamboo can spread quickly and excessively if not maintained. But, it has shallow roots, so it doesn’t require a lot of depth.  It can be planted in areas other crops won’t thrive.  Because it multiplies so well, it is a far more prolific source of harvesting, much more than trees which root deeper and take much longer to grow.  A good, well-maintained crop of bamboo can last for over 50 years of regular harvesting. Bamboo flowers and seeds around once every hundred years, and when this happens, it happens all at once to every plant of the same species of bamboo all over the Earth!


Bamboo is Environmentally Conscious

Bamboo actually can absorb nutrients from sources like runoff and sewage, reducing their environmental impact. Bamboo has a strong network of roots that absorb and slow the flow of water, reducing the environmental impact of hurricanes and monsoons, and slowing erosion. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth.  A field or grove of bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide at a higher rate and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar grove of trees, helping to create cleaner air, absorbing not only carbon dioxide but also other toxic elements. Bamboo is also resistant to insects and disease because it is a variety of grass.

Bamboo is a natural air-conditioner!  It can cool surrounding areas by as much as eight degrees on a hot summer day.  As bamboo clumps, it purifies the air up to thirty percent more than other plants.  You can literally get an intoxicating feeling from the oxygen around the plant, making you happier and relieving stress!  Fun fact:  Because of the air purification cooling the soil, most snakes don’t like to hide within bamboo fields, preferring tree branches or warm sunny rocky areas.

The main way bamboo is utilized

Bamboo has been used since 600 A.D. to make musical instruments and mallets or to be carved into artwork. It is used for food for livestock and other animals. It is used for food for livestock and other animals. Many cultures have medicinal uses for bamboo. Throughout time, bamboo has been fashioned into weapons or ropes.  Bamboo is not flammable but because of air pockets, it makes a popping sound in a fire.  Bamboo was utilized in this way for the very first known fireworks.

Irrigation systems can be made from bamboo.  In fact, bamboo was used to make the world’s first water pipe! Many household products, including our Mainstream Source foil storage dispensers and bag containers are made from bamboo products.  Cutting boards, steamers, even straws are quite popular. Bamboo is used for construction, particularly in flooring nowadays.  It is utilized to create a more tropical, island-feel. It has been used in bridges, scaffolding and even in concrete to reinforce.  Bamboo blades in ceiling fans are popular.  Fencing, slats, poles and paneling are other popular uses. Bedding, fabrics and clothing are made from bamboo. Furniture, blinds and rugs are also popular bamboo items.

Bamboo is used to make some foods, including the very popular bamboo shoots that exist in Asian cuisine. Bamboo is used to make some foods, including the very popular bamboo shoots that exist in Asian cuisine.


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