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Guitar Player Gift Ideas – Perfect Presents for Music Enthusiasts


If you have a guitar player in your life, you know how passionate they are about their instrument. The strumming of strings, the melodies that fill the air, and the joy of creating music are all part of their world. When it comes to gift-giving, why not choose something that resonates with their love for music? At Mainstream Source®, we’ve curated a list of guitar player gift ideas that will strike a chord with any musician. From practical accessories to unique and personalized items, we have you covered. Whether you’re searching for the best guitar player gifts or something more specific like electric or acoustic guitar wall hangers, we’ve got the perfect present to delight the guitar player in your life.

Guitar Player Gifts - Accessories That Amplify Their Playing Experience

When it comes to guitar player gifts, there’s a wide range of accessories that can enhance their playing experience. Consider gifting a high-quality guitar strap for comfort and style during performances. Look for straps made from durable materials and adjustable lengths to suit different playing styles. Another accessory that can make a difference is a guitar stand. Choose a stand that offers stability and protection for their instrument, whether it’s a classic acoustic or an electric guitar. A reliable stand ensures their guitar is always within reach and safely stored when not in use.


Other practical gifts include guitar picks in various thicknesses and materials, allowing them to experiment with different tones and techniques. Mainstream Source guitar wall hanger cradles all have 2 included picks with each wall hanger cradle, available right here on our website:


A capo is another versatile accessory that can be used to change the pitch of the guitar, opening up a world of possibilities for playing different songs and styles. Additionally, consider a set of spare strings, a tuner, or a portable metronome to help them keep their instrument in tune and stay on beat during practice sessions or performances. These thoughtful accessories will surely be appreciated by any guitar player.

Fender makes a solid tuner, the FCT-2, available on Amazon:

Best Guitar Player Gifts - Elevate Their Musical Journey

If you're looking to impress with the best guitar player gifts, consider items that go beyond the basics. One option is a

 guitar effects pedal, which allows them to experiment with different sounds and create unique tones. Choose from a wide

 range of effects pedals, such as distortion, delay, reverb, or modulation, depending on their musical preferences. A high-

quality pedal can inspire creativity and add depth to their playing.

A great, best selling guitar effects pedal is the Zoom GX 1 with 70 effects, available on Amazon:

Another exceptional gift idea is a guitar amplifier. A great amplifier can take their playing to the next level, delivering powerful and immersive sound. Look for models that suit their playing style and the type of guitar they own. Tube amplifiers are known for their warm and classic tones, while solid-state amplifiers offer versatility and reliability. Consider their needs and preferences when selecting the best amplifier for them.

A great alternative for guitar amps is the Classic Marshall Stack!  Marshall amps come in all sizes starting with their small amp, also listed on Amazon:


For guitar players interested in songwriting, a portable recording device can be an invaluable tool. They can capture their musical ideas on the go and bring their compositions to life. Look for a device with high-quality audio recording capabilities and easy-to-use features. Alternatively, a songwriting journal can provide a space for them to jot down lyrics, chords, and song structures, keeping their creative ideas organized and accessible.

Tascam has been the leader in portable recording for a generation starting with their Porta-Studios in the 1980’s.  A fun Tascam Recorder is the DP006, a 6-track portable studio listed on Amazon:

To further enhance their musical journey, consider gifting a subscription to a guitar magazine or an online music course. These resources offer valuable insights, lessons, and inspiration from experienced guitarists and industry professionals. They can explore new playing techniques, learn about gear and equipment, and stay up to date with the latest trends in the music world. The gift of knowledge and inspiration is truly priceless.

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